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ROCHEM TANKLEEN HEAVY DUTY is a highly concentrated product that provides a fast, efficient and inexpensive method of cleaning of cargo/oil tanks.


We recommend that ROCHEM TANKLEEN HEAVY DUTY be injected at selected drops and these to be established after careful consideration has been given to the internal steel structures of the cargo tanks.


ROCHEM TANKLEEN HEAVY DUTY should be applied by the injection into the wash water line on deck to obtain the maximum results. ROCHEM TANKLEEN HEAVY DUTY can also be used in a closed circuit system of cleaning utilizing the slop tanks.


ROCHEM TANKLEEN HEAVY DUTY should be injected at the rate of 4 Litres to 7 tons of seawater. However, should the tanks that have to be cleaned be heavily contaminated, it is advisable that the dosage be increased to 4 Litres to 5 tons of seawater.


The injection method can be applied with the aid of a small air driven pump injecting the cleaning chemical into the wash water line which forms an immediate chemical emulsion that is passed through the washing machines. It is essential that the tanks being washed must be kept well stripped in order to allow the chemical to penetrate any sludge or wax build-up in the tank bottoms. Under these conditions an instant dispersing action takes place which, with the aid of the criss-cross pattern of cleaning made by our Roject machines, or similar units, keeps the sludge and other residues in suspension thus allowing it to be easily pumped into a slop tank.


The contaminated water emulsion pumped from the tank being cleaned to the slop tanks in an unstable condition allows rapid separation. The separation is so effective that no time is lost pumping slops ashore where the separating station can deal with the slops fast and effectively, allowing them to recover the oil as a valuable commodity.


1. Reduces vessel’s cleaning time.
2. Provides cleaning tanks without manual cleaning
3. Easy application which does not interfere with ship’s operation.

4. Permits immediate entry into tanks for inspection and repairs as the chemical is odourless.


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