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Brand : ROCHEM


A liquid blend of highly active cleaning and corrosion inhibiting compounds formulated for safe, fast and economical “in-service cleaning” of the air handling systems of turbo charged diesel engines.

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ROCHEM AIR COOLER CLEANER (R.A.C.C.) is a liquid blend of highly active cleaning and corrosion inhibiting compounds formulated for safe, fast and economical “in-service cleaning” of the air handling systems of turbo charged diesel engines.

Use of R.A.C.C. removes airborne contaminants which have been carried into and deposited on scavenger air trunks, air coolers and inlet valves. Thus, all air handling surfaces are kept clean and free from deposits.


  1. Fouling of air coolers is reduced thus resulting in improved heat transfer and engine efficiency.

  2. Pressure drop across the air cooler and air temperature after the air cooler are kept to a minimum.

  3. Fire hazards from the build-up of grease and oily residues are minimized.

  4. Down time and expense of periodic dismantling of the air handling system for cleaning is eliminated.

  5. Scavenging efficiency is improved by the reduction of deposit build- up around scavenging ports.

  6. Water displacing surfactants incorporated in R.A.C.C. form a mono molecular film throughout the air handling system, which protects the metals and reduces the adherence of air borne contaminants.


R.A.C.C. is suitable for all types of Diesel Engines. R.A.C.C. / Fresh Water mixture has no Flash-Point and Cylinder lubrication is not impaired by using R.A.C.C. for in-service cleaning.


R.A.C.C. can be applied by injection, immersion, or circulation. For immersion and circulation, cleaning time is reduced considerably by heating the chemical to a maximum of 50°C (122°F ). If the air coolers are very dirty, it is advisable to use Rochem Alkleen Liquid to thoroughly clean the system before commencing R.A.C.C. injection treatment.

Immersion Method

The dismantled parts to be cleaned are laid in a tank specially designed for the purpose, which has been filled with R.A.C.C. mixed with water in ratio of 1:10. Movement is achieved by means of compressed air. Cleaning time: 5 – 12 hours.

Circulation Method

The equipment to be cleaned (Air cooler, Fuel oil pre-heater, Oil cooler, etc.) is connected to a pump and a tank by means of tubes. Properly mix water and 10-30% R.A.C.C. in the tank and circulate through the equipment for 5–15 hours, depending on the severity of the contamination. After cleaning, rinse with fresh water.


This cleaning method is only recommended if approved by the engine manufacturer. By means of Rochem’s special R.A.C.C. injection system, a mixture of R.A.C.C. and fresh water in a ratio of 1:2 (observe the mixture ratio exactly) is injected into the air channel between the turbo blower and the air cooler. This is followed by a second injection of fresh water only. Injection procedure as per the

R.A.C.C. injection system diagram is as follows:

1. Fill the dosing tank with the required quantity of R.A.C.C. / fresh water mixture. Close the tank.

2. Open valve 1 (compressed air for atomizer).

3. Open valves 2 and 3; following equalisation of pressure to the scavenging air line the R.A.C.C./ fresh water mixture is injected in about 5 – 10 minutes.

4. Close valves 1, 2 and 3.

5. Open valve 4 to vent air from tank.

6. Fill the tank with fresh water. Close the tank. Then repeat steps 2-5.



Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Should R.A.C.C. come in contact with the skin, rinse off with plenty of water and then rub-in any oily cream. R.A.C.C. concentrate actually has a very high flash point, but should be kept away from open fire.


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