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Rochem Aquatuff is a strong water based alkaline cleaner primarily designed to provide numerous cleaning applications including:

  •  Cleaning of vegetable oils, animal oils, fatty acids, fish oils, grease, waxes, oil, sludge soot, carbon deposits and general dirt and grime.

  •  Cleaning of inert gas soot in cargo tanks.

  •  Cargo hold cleaning after coal and pet coke. 


       Appearance.     : Clear Liquid

      Specific gravity. : 1.062

      Flash Point        : None

      pH value at 200C :  >12


  •  Conforms to IMO MEPC.1/Circ.590. February 2008.

  •   Leaves no white stripes/ deposits on tank surfaces after washing with hot solution.

  •   Very powerful alkaline cleaner based on strong anionic surfaces active agents and alkaline salts.

  •   Cleans vegetable oils, animal oils, fish oils, greases, waxes, oil, sludge, soot carbon deposits and general dirt and grime by thorough saponification.

  •   Very efficient for removing inert gas soot (IGS) residues from cargo tanks.

  •   Contains no hydrocarbon solvents.

  •   Safe to use on epoxy coating, polyurethane coatings and in

    stainless steel tanks

  •  Not suitable for use on Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc silicate coatings.

  • Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds.

  •  Has excellent deodorizing properties, removing odors of aromatic solvents, fish oil residues and other obnoxious smells.

  •   Biodegradable.

  •  Ideal for cleaning after coal and pet coke


General Cleaning

Rochem Aquatuff can be used for different types of cleaning, and it can be applied by brush, hand spray, High &Low pressure washing machines, by Direct Injections method but is mostly used by Recirculation method.

Removal of soot from Inert Gas Systems (IGS)

  1. ApplyRochemAquatuffwithaH.P.cleaningmachineanduse1:4with water. If used by hand spray, apply neat on the surface @ 1 ltr per 12 m2

  2. Leave for about 30 – 45 minutes. The surface remains wet.

    1. Wash down with hot water at around 800 C. Repeat procedure 1 to 3, if required

    Cargo tank and Cargo hold cleaning

    Rochem Aquatuff can be used for tank cleaning after animal, vegetable and fish oil, petroleum waxes, and for cargo hold cleaning after soot, coal, pet coke and other bulk materials using the following methods –

     Direct injection method with tank washing machines: Dosage rate 10- 15 lts. per 1000 litres wash water (1-5%).

     Recirculation method: Use dosage rate of 20-50 litres per 1000 litre wash water.

     Spot Cleaning: Hand spray neat or prepare a 10-20 % solution. Leave for approx. 30 minutes before rinsing with water. Keep surface wet.


    Before cleaning tanks with Rochem Aquatuff is recommended to pre-wash cargo tanks with hot water 50-60 0C. For Drying oils and semi- drying oils a prewash of the tanks with cold water should be applied.

    The efficient operating temperature varies and is depending upon the type of cargo residues which are to be cleaned. In cases like Palm oil residues the optimal solution temperature is between 55-65 0C at the tank cleaning machine nozzle. Higher temperature tends to bake on the residues rather than removing them. Hydrogenated oils contain stearic acid with melting point of approx. 70 °C to clean such cargo residues successfully, a temperature between 72-77 °C at the tank cleaning machine nozzle must be used.



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