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ROCHEM SEACLEAN is a liquid compound with an extremely effective emulsifying action which disperses the oil in seawater, utilizing, the natural agitation provided by the motion of the Vessel or the mechanical action of tank cleaning spray units.


Colour :                            Light amber

Specific Gravity 20°C :    0.88

Odour :                            mild

Flash Point PMCC :        66/150 C

Halides :                          None

Insoluble matter :             None

Stability Storage :            Indefinite

Stability, Water solution : Excellent


Light Amber 0.88
66°C /150°C None

None Indefinite Excellent

Double bottom and deep sea tanks.

ROCHEM SEACLEAN provides a simple, inexpensive method of cleaning double bottom and deep tanks at sea-ends costly, in-port tank cleaning and gas freeing problems.

ROCHEM SEACLEAN is unusually effective, achieving a degree of cleanliness that permits immediate entry into the tanks for inspection and repairs. It has actually cleaned double bottom tanks that have been passed and certified. Immediately upon arrival, without any further work. It materially reduces the labour and time required to prepare tanks for the carriage of edible oils.


When necessary. It can be used for emulsifying and dispersing floating oil on salt or fresh water, or it can be used to remove oil spills on decks and piers. Heavy oil spills on tank tops or in holds may be quickly cleaned with ROCHEM SEACLEAN.

ROCHEM SEACLEAN can also be used as a general purpose degreaser for mineral oils and slow oxidizing vegetable oils.


1. Reduces vessel port-time (no-dockside waiting for tank cleaning since it is all done at sea).

2. Provides cleaner tanks without manual labour.

3. Costs less than half of manual cleaning

4. Easy to use (introduced into tanks through sounding pipe).

5. Does not interfere with Vessel’s normal operation.

6. Permits immediate entry into tanks for inspection and repairs.

7. Reduces time and labour required to prepare tanks for carriage of edible oils.


Instruction for the use of ROCHEM SEACLEAN for each specific application are provided by your local technical representative when an inspection is made of the tank to be cleaned. The method of use and the quantity required will vary depending on the last product carried in the tank, the degree of cleanliness required, the availability of equipment and whether or not the tank is to be cleaned in port or at sea.

At Sea Method: SEACLEAN is added to the tank through the sounding pipe and mixed with water. Tank filled to 75% seawater. The rolling action of the ship provides the required agitation. Heat and additional agitation from pump or live steam will greatly speed up the cleaning operation particularly when in calm seas. Solution strength varies from 1.5 to 3 litres per ton of water.

Recirculation Method: SEACLEAN and water are mixed in a solution tank and circulated through the mechanical tank washing spray units. Solution strength varies from 1/3 to 1% depending on the type of deposit in the tank.

Bilge Cleaning: SEACLEAN can be added to water in the bilges to keep the oils and water in an emulsified form until cleaning is necessary. 2 Liters of SEACLEAN to each ton of oil and water is generally required.

Oil Spills on Water: Spray SEACLEAN over the surface of the water at the rate of 5 liters per barrel of oil spilled and agitate with propellers or with a pump by tanking suction from the spill and discharging into the same area. Water and oil emulsion will disperse quickly.


ROCHEM SEACLEAN will cause eye irritation and possible allergenic sensitization if it comes in contact with the eyes. Avoid contact with skin and do not get in eyes. In case of splashing or spillage in eyes, on skin, or on clothes, flush with plenty of water, remove and wash clothing. In the event eye irritation develops sea a physician.


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