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Brand : ROCHEM

Year of Manufacture: 2017


“The strongest there is” water based, non- caustic cleaning and degreasing agent. It is based on the latest and most powerful biodegradable surface-active and emulsifying agents.

Category: Chemicals & Industrial Paints

Product Type: OEM - original
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ROCHEM TANKLEEN ECO is “the strongest there is” water based, non- caustic cleaning and degreasing agent. It is based on the latest and most powerful biodegradable surface-active and emulsifying agents. It contains fattyalcoholetoxylates, metasilicates and complexing agents. It works well in hard, soft, ambient and hot water. It is ideal for soot removing and cleaning of extremely dirty tanks after Mineral Oils/Petroleum Products. Note. All cleaning chemicals have reduced effect with seawater.

Product benefits, Application & Features:

  •   Non-Flammable

  •  Suitable in sea & fresh water

  •  Leaves no film in the cargo tanks

  •  Biodegradable  Easy to apply. Effective and economical in use

  • Contains no ethoxylated nonylphenol (NF)

    • Properties:
      Colour :                   colourless
      Consistency :          clear liquid
      Specific gravity :     1.05
      pH :                         12.85
      Flashpoint :              None

      Method for Application & Use

      Prior to use of any chemicals, make sure the tanks and lines are well stripped and drained. A proper pre cleaning will reduce the amount of chemicals required. Further, do not overheat as this may change the characteristic of the cargo and in some cases burn the cargo to the bulkhead. Carefully read the cargo specification.

      For vegetable, animals, and fats: Tanks containing drying or semi-drying oils should be flushed or prewashed or moisten as soon

      as possible after completion of discharging to prevent formation of hard tenacious residues. The temperature used for pre-cleaning will depend on whether the cargo is drying, semi-drying or nondrying, and the cargoes melting point. Thus an individual cleaning operation should be made for each cargo. Due to the fact that the zinc is porous, a prolonged pre-cleaning with lower temperatures is highly advisable prior to introduction of chemicals on such lining.

      TANKLEEN ECO is very efficient when applied using high pressure.


      1. Flushtankswithambientseawatertoremoveremainingcargotoslop. (As per MARPOL 78/73)

      2. Recycle tanks with increasing temperature for 2-8 hr, depending cargo and size of tank. This is a very important operation, as it will remove oily-mud and residues in the coating/steel.

      3. Make a mixture with fresh water and 0.5 -2 % Tankleen Eco. Insert the mixture into the tank and commence the re-circulation wash for 2- 8 hr. Increased temperatures will improve the cleaning result. Maximum effect from chemical at 650C. Do not overheat, as this may burn the cargo.

      4. Flush tanks with large amount of warm seawater (2-3 hr) to remove any residues of Chemicals.

      5. Flush tanks with freshwater to remove salts, mop and dry.

      Spot cleaning after most CPP / hydrocarbons.

      1. Tankleen Eco may be sprayed on the bulkhead neat or diluted, to areas where residues remain after tank washing, “Spot Cleaning”. A heated dilution is found to be very efficient.

      2. Product should be allowed to stand for 10-30 minutes prior to re- washing areas. Do not leave the product to dry on bare coating.

      3. Clean areas by flushing manually with high pressure, using fresh water, or by performing a re-circulation. For persistent deposits, agitation by scrubbing will assist the cleaning operation. Heated water will increase the cleaning effect


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