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ROCHEM BIOGUARD SW is a liquid formulation of biocides, dispersants, anti-foulants and corrosion inhibitors. It is highly effective in preventing the growth of micro-organisms, barnacles, algae, mussel larvae and other marine growth, which tend to foul sea-chests, sea water suction filters, sea- water heat exchangers and sea-water piping. Scale formation and other deposits are inhibited and consequently, corrosion is greatly reduced.


  1. Reducesmaintenanceanddowntime.

  2. Maintains efficient heat transfer for extended periods.

  3. Allows required quantities of sea water flow through systems.

  4. Economical in usage and storage.


ROCHEM BIOGUARD SW should be applied to previously cleaned systems for maximum results. For convenience feed directly from the drum by use of a chemical dosage pump. The injection point should be as close to the main sea suction valve as possible. The chemical dosing pump or chemical feed tank and feed lines should be constructed of 316 or 304 stainless steel or chemically resistant plastic /nylon.


For heavy fouling continuous injections at a rate of 2 ppm of sea- water coolant flow is recommended. In a clean system dosage should be at a rate of 10 ppm for 1 1⁄2 hours each day. If results permit, dosage can be reduced to 1 1⁄2 hours every two to three days. This depends on the pattern of trade of the vessel. Generally, deep sea sailing does not require the same dosage as when the vessel is in continental shelf waters.

For 10 ppm dosage rate, feed 1.5 Ltrs. of BIOGUARD SW over the 1 1⁄2 hour period for every 100 ton/ hr of sea-water flow rate.

BIOGUARD SW is also ideal for cleaning of sea water cooling systems from deep within the entire system with minimum dismantling and far less time than conventional methods. BIOGUARD SW should be used in a 1:4 mix ratio with water for this purpose, one liter of BIOGUARD SW will yield 5 liter of ready to use solution.

However heavily fouled systems may require the dosage of BIOGUARD SW to be increased to 1:2 mix ratio.


Avoid freezing. Do not use in potable water or in water that will be used as feed water for fresh water evaporators.

Harmful if swallowed. Avoid eye or skin contact. Avoid contamination of food.

In case of contact flush eyes or skin with plenty of water. If irritation persists, get medical attention.


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